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Sexy Twitpics: Candice Patton

01.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

Twitter: 169K Followers; Instagram 393K Followers. These numbers pale in comparison to pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna who have around 30 to 40 million. I think that makes it safe to say: in the realm of social media, quantity doesn't equal quality. In my not so humble opinion, Candice Patton outshines many of the Twitter/Instagram heavyweights. I'm also a fan of breaking away from the herd, whether it be from the masses of organized religion or the majority of moviegoers who demand nothing more than mindless entertainment from the movies they see – not to say I don't enjoy some dumb fun as much as the next bloke. So it goes with this beautiful girl next door; I remember being baffled when fan boys complained that Barry's love interest (Iris West) wasn't black. Upon hearing the news – and seeing the accompanying photos – Ms. Patton was cast as the woman 'The Flash' will be obsessing over for 10 seasons (before they even get together), the only thing that came to my mind was: damn that girl's fine.

Look, I get it. It has less to do with race and more to do with staying as close to the source material as possible; if Spawn was played by a white guy, I'd probably call BS on that too. But in this case, I enjoy looking at this gorgeous gal every week too much to make a beef. She's the total package; lovely, talented and the chemistry between her and costar, Grant Gustin, is apparent from episode one. In hindsight, it's hard to imagine casting any other hot, young actress for the fastest man alive to pine over.

Rarely do you see anybody go from CW regular to big time movie star; here's hoping Candice Patton does. Even a role on a TV series attached to a network of a higher pedigree would be welcome – something of the HBO, nudity required, persuasion. One can hope. On a final note: I'm shocked at the lack of young, black actresses being exploited on the Internet. Everywhere I look it's always some white actress with her tits on display; where are all the beautiful and talented African-American females covering up their unsupported rack with their arms? Is this really a concern of mine? I'll leave that to the ambiguous. What I do know is, this kind of rabble rousing seems to be getting the Academy's attention. Maybe if I continue the outrage, we'll see Candice Patton and her bare ass up in the air in no time – Lui Magazine, I'm talking to you. For now, we have Twitter and Instagram to quench your thirst.

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