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Sexy sightings of Emily Ratajkowski will have everyone moving to LA

08.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If you're going to get people to remember how to spell your difficult last name, you better be as hot as Emily Ratajkowski. As someone who lives in California, I can tell you that we have a bunch of silly "Visit California" adverts where various people known for being from California make flippant comments at the camera while standing in front of the ocean or on a golf course or just one of the few-and-far-between locales that most people will never get the opportunity to visit while they're here. If the people behind those ads really wanted them to work, they might want to just stroll down the dirty and disheveled streets of Los Angeles, where pretty people mingle with the heaps & heaps of dirty, stinking, drug-addicted homeless people who have migrated west because they don't freeze to death on the street during the winter. Want proof? Just look at all of the goofy gomers who are standing around in the background whenever these paparazzi candid celebrity pics pop up.
Source: Daily Mail


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