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Sexy Sagal

09.03.2008by: Seth Gecko

All you long-time fans of the site probably realize at this point that I looooooove older women. Their maturity combined with a stunning appearance just oozes sex appeal (Helen Mirren...I'm talking to you babe!). One other particular MILF that I'm very happy to report about today is none other than the beautiful Katey Sagal who played the legendary character of Peggy Wanker on "Married With Children".

Now at the age of 54, Katey is still working hard and just recently, she was on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson to promote her new upcoming series with Ron Perlman called "Sons of Anarchy" where they play husband and wife. The entire interview is below so if you lust for Katey as much as I do, you'd better check it out cause it's awesome. Enjoy!

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