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Set nipple shields to cover as Pixie Lott performs in lacy red lingerie

05.10.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Just one more Pixie Lott post and I'll fulfill my punch card and get a bonus, yes? Too bad it couldn't have been a more legitimate nipslip from the beautiful British babe as she performed at London's infamous Heaven Club (G-A-Y, or something or other, where we've seen other performers such as Lady Gaga go fully nude during a show). Dancing about in tiny red lingerie called for more than the standard modesty accessories, with Pixie clearly wearing a couple of large nipple shields over her cute little boobies to avoid any special sightings. She seems to be having a blast with this new single she's promoting, not trying to look overly perfect here and going with the sweaty vibe as she was surrounded by fit backup dancers. I don't know if she's the kind of artist who will be able to find equal success in the states, but I certainly hope she tries.
Source: CelebsFirst


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