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Serinda Swan shows off her striking tail at the reopening of The Viper Room

11.19.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Yet another hottie who really should be getting more attention than she does, Serinda Swan, who has been seen in everything from TRON: LEGACY to "Smallville" to "Graceland," managed to make beige look anything but boring when she poured her fit figure into a sweater dress for the reopening of The Viper Room in West Hollywood on Tuesday night. I think my favorite thing I've seen Serinda do was her time on the show "Breakout Kings" where she looked like a healthier, stealthier version of Lindsay Lohan with dark hair. Swan is almost like a new generation version of Sherilyn Fenn, all cooing line delivery with a vicious bite if you cross her the wrong way (those sizzling blue eyes when she was Zatanna in that tux coat with tails and fishnet stockings on "Smallville"? Priceless). Unfortunately for fans, USA decided to give "Graceland" the ax after only 3 seasons, so you'll have to soak her up in reruns, which I do recommend since the show was a quiet gem. 
Source: Got Celeb


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