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Serinda Swan goes for a bikini clad dip in booty full St. Barts

01.14.2016by: Droz

You might not recognize the name Serinda Swan right away. She's been in various things. You probably know her best as that super hot program from TRON: LEGACY who's job was to strip down wayward programs in preparation for their eventual slaughter in the games.

Serinda Swan Tron Legacy

Kind of a memorable moment for those of us partial to the idea of bangable software. Fast-forward to the real world years later, where Serinda and her friends are vacationing in sunny St. Barts and doing as many other hotties with the means are doing at this time of year - namely trying to stay in warm climates as often as possible. Girl looks a lot different without all her glowy computer garb on, but she's still just as bangable. Real life certainly offers a much better view of her awesome ass. She could cut my clothes off me any time.

Source: Kayuty


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