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Selena Weber should stay on her bikini-filled vacation indefinitely

01.23.2017by: No Cool Handle

Aspiring Internet sensation Selena Weber continues to prowl Miami's coastal area, wearing nothing but her trusty thong and a belligerent bikini top. She's one of those hotties I think of as a "round the way" model; one you see around the world's largest neighborhood, the Internet. I tend to enjoy her images in passing but rarely feel the urge to share them – my only cause for restraint is because Selena teeters on the edge of fit and scrawny. But I'm a flexible guy; as long as she doesn't skip a meal and continues to struggle with keeping her tiny bikini tops tied, I'll play ball. After all, it takes a lot to stand out on a beach full of hard-hitting competition. Miami is practically the attention seeking capital of the world, particularly to those babes who want everyone to see what an amazing ass they possess. There's no denying it, Selena Weber's ass is definitely worth a look.

Source: Got Celeb


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