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Selena seems determined to switch out the fashions and make it Gomez Week

03.10.2016by: Droz

Between the see thru stuff, the pokies and the upskirts, Selena Gomez is proving herself far more interesting than whatever overpriced, designer crap being paraded down catwalks before rows and rows of salivating rich women. I don't understand what these people get out of this fashion shit. I get bored and annoyed just cutting through a store's clothes section on my way to electronics. These fashion savvy morons go from runway show to runway show, looking at pretentious crap for a whole damn week. They actually look forward to the experience. Give me copious amounts of Selena showing off sexy. She understands just how much of a dry, hollow thing this fashion crap is. Or at least she understands how much more stimulating having a chance to look at her is over a dress made of puppies or whatever.

Source: NSFW


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