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Selena Gomez wearing a dress that unties in the front

02.09.2017by: No Cool Handle

It wasn't but a mere 18 hours ago we were talking about the absence of sexy public appearances made by Selena Gomez being a source of frustration, leaving enthusiasts with the lingering feeling of disappointment over the past many months. Low and behold, less than a half day later, a press event for 13 Reasons Why – a Netflix series Selena Gomez executive produced and parallels her own bouts with anxiety, panic attacks and depression – gave Ms. Gomez cause to make an appearance in a wonderfully revealing dress. At first, I wasn't sure whether or not the images were recent; for a hottie who has always looked half past puberty, Selena is looking particularly young in these photos. Shit gets deeper: Her interview, touching upon the subject of personal struggles, revealed a mind matured well beyond that of a normal 24-year-old. She conveyed a degree of wisdom that usually comes from time and experience, a process sped up in those who are forced to deal with debilitating conditions at an early age. There was something about her candor that added to her appeal – Selena Gomez has a lot more going for than stellar beauty.

Source: NS4W


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