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Selena Gomez talks Bieber & body shamers while showing off her Flare

10.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Her life has been tabloid fodder for a number of years now, from supposed feuds with other female singers to the on again/off again relationship with fellow young pop singer, Justin Bieber. So it makes sense that Selena Gomez would choose to open up to a magazine about what's going down in her life right now. For the October issue of Flare magazine, Gomez addressed the haters who commented on her weight gain when she was taking a break in Mexico this past spring.

"I don't want them to win. It's not fair for them to try to control my life. Yeah, I'm insecure sometimes, but so is everybody. Yeah, I made mistakes, but so does everybody." I don't know if I would call putting on 5 pounds to be such a big mistake. Most of Selena's fans were quick to defend her, saying they liked the former Disney star at a healthier weight.

As for Beiber, Gomez was a bit more indirect. "I've felt so much in the past two years, from being super in love and then dealing with things to getting older and all these beautiful experiences that were complicated and exciting." The nice part is that she's saying that the relationship with Justin is a thing of the past and that you won't be seeing her on Tinder any time soon. "I’m really stoked about being with myself right now."

Source: Just Jared


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