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Selena Gomez sticks with her chunk style trend on The Big Short set

05.12.2015by: Droz

Selena Gomez has got a role in THE BIG SHORT, which profiles the people who made a killing from short selling in the stock market during The Great Recession. Seems like a rather complicated topic for Selena to tackle. Clearly she's setting her sights high where the acting thing is concerned. That emphasis on bigger and better gigs is apparently not leaving a whole lot of room for keeping herself svelte, as evidenced by these pics from the set of the movie in question. I see that little double chin starting to peek out there. Believe me, I got no call to be nitpicking there. She might be a little chunkier nowadays, but she's still far outside my league. There ain't nothing happening on Selena that would make me turn up my nose. I do remember saying the same thing once about Kelly Clarkson when she started to get a little chunky. Look what happened there. I'm not saying that Selena's destined for that fate, but she might do well to keep an eye on those extra helpings. Just in case.

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