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Selena Gomez sports Her Adidas for the NEO Summer Campaign

04.26.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Explain something to me, all of you who comment that posting about 20-year old Selena Gomez brings out the "pedophiles." You think her face looks too young? Perhaps you think she was sexualized at too young of an age and even now that she's legally an adult, we should never see her in that light because the media is a forked up world. While you're not taking the time to really sit back and chew on that thought (comments come so hard and so fast sometimes, I wonder if anyone really reads or if they're just skimming for key words), I want you to also consider the long adhered to "boys' club" mentality that's gone around when I was young, when my mom was young, when my grandmother was young... that "Hey! She LOOKED legal! How was I supposed to know??" Take those two thoughts and put them together. They blame the female for looking older than she actually is, "asking for it," so to speak. But then there's this weird, big-brother protectiveness that comes out for reasons that I have not been able to determine. Dub Tee Eff, Dudes?

I think Selena is a lovely woman, has aged well and without too much embarrassment surrounding her. (Even though I disapprove of the rumour surfacing that she re-hooked up with Justin Bieber, I like that she came out and refused to apologize to anyone, saying that she'd given enough of her personal life to the press that they should be more than happy and leave her alone for a spare minute or two.) This ad campaign that she's doing for Adidas' NEO Summer Line is bright, cute and fun. Even Reverend Run would approve, I do believe.


Source: Hollywood Life


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