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Selena Gomez sparkles at the 2012 Unicef Snowflake Ball in New York

11.28.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I was thinking the other day about how evil Disney is when it comes to churning out young female stars for its programming. Most of the women that started on Disney were played up to be as innocent and naive as possible so that the family friendliness seeped through their personas, eventually leaving them with really little to go on as to who they really were(are) as individuals. Then, when it's time to start selling a new model because the current one is getting too old, there suddenly is a flurry of crap about them in the tabloids, fueled usually by these girls never having gotten a chance to figure out what kind of a person they really were(are). I see this when I look into the eyes of Selena Gomez, that same look of plastered on perfection but blankness inside. I think about how Britney and Christina and Hilary and Miley were all put through the same ringer. (That's without me even beginning to bring up the tragedy that is Lindsey Lohan.)

I see a girl who is doing what she is supposed to, like posing for pictures with a smile on the red carpet of the annual Snowflake Ball held by the charity Unicef. I see a glimmer, perhaps, of her considering just how much longer she has before Mickey throws her in the trash because she's past her expiration date. I wonder about this girl, who she is, what she will ultimately go down for. Think about the fact that right after she turned 18 and began dating Justin Bieber, all the rumours of her hospital visits adding up to a pregnancy were floating around. Who plants these stories? Who tells the photographers to be at the right place at the right time to take the wrong kind of picture? I think perhaps that I think too much. I could never have lived the life that this girl does. In a way, I kinda respect her more because of it.


Source: Gossip Girls
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