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Selena Gomez should get some free miles for wearing that outfit on the plane

04.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

In regards to airplane seating, the distance between seat rows has shrunk from 35 inches to 31 inches; the average seat width has fallen from 18 to 16.5 inches. Under normal circumstances this is a seriously uncomfortable burden that may deter even the most tolerant person from flying the friendly skies. If, however, you are mashed in next to Selena Gomez wearing this sort of bra top – instead of a 300 pound guy named Cletus, smelling of stale pork rinds – you would have no problem with airlines maximizing profits at the expense of their customers comfort. All the more reason for them to implement a hottie frequent flyer miles program; how many will be proportional to just how sexy they look. In this instance, the airline would have to offer Ms. Gomez 16 million free miles.

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