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Selena Gomez puts the ass in assisted living

01.29.2015by: Droz

Filming continues on location for the movie adaptation of the Jonathan Evison novel THE REVISED FUNDAMENTALS OF CAREGIVING, starring Selena Gomez along with all around awesome guy Paul Rudd. That's a pretty good turn around time for a book to movie adaptation. The novel only came out a couple years ago and already it's got two big league stars bringing it to the big screen. If you aren't aware of the plot, it basically revolves around Rudd's character who has lost pretty much everything in his live and decides to train as a caregiver to handicapped people. In that process he meets and befriends disabled teen with whom he embarks on a road trip on which the two have various adventures - adventures which at one point cause them to run across Selena's hitchhiker character. It's a pretty good book really, though I never had Selena in mind when I mentally pictured the Dot character, who is supposed to be something of a roughed edged 18-year-old who's already been around the block a time or two. Selena's baby face doesn't fit the part. Although that ass of hers certainly does. As uncomfortable as I might sometimes get with her adolescent looks, I never get tired of dat ass of hers. Very nice.

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