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Selena Gomez promotes her Revival tour with a red hot Marie Claire shoot

06.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

The Fall/Winter of 2015 gave rise to a saturated celebrity media market, it's content comprised of – somewhere around 70% – Selena Gomez promotional material. 60% of said content was sexy pics of the fully ripened, young hottie. So I pulled those numbers out of my ass, but, if memory serves me right... I'm in the ballpark. We are in a constant state of over saturation when it comes to celebrity "culture." The thing I was trying to remind you of was how, in that window of time, it seemed as if Selena herself was the market; showing up in countless photo spreads, events like the Victoria's Secret fashion show sans bra, sans panties, and you tube videos o' plenty. You could go to the Mayo and see something about Selena Gomez on the f**king home page.

It looks like another hurricane Gomez is forming. She just released a new music video (you can turn the volume down; just a bunch of repeating hooks), we're seeing her on the periodical circuit again, and, you're looking at the new face of Coca Cola's #shareacoke campaign – ironic, considering the ubiquitous pop singer is slimmer than ever and you don't get that way drinking Coke. Anyway, here she is bringing her sexy A game to the current issue of Marie Claire (we expect nothing less from this worker bee). If recent history repeats itself, this is one photo shoot with many more still to come.

Source: Marie Claire


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