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Selena Gomez perfects her dead girl in a bathtub pose for Vogue Australia

08.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Who considers this type of thing attractive? I would think that the dudes in the world inclined toward the female of the species would prefer them to be a step above lifeless. But Vogue is hardly the periodical intended for dudes of that persuasion, so I have to wonder WTF Australians are up to, thinking that selling fashion with Selena Gomez posed dead-girl style in a bathtub is a smart idea. I can't even suggest that the diehard Beliebers would want to see Justin's former main piece iced out, seeing as how he recently lost a lot of respect after posting on Instagram, referring to them as simply being "fans." (I guess there was a huge "Unfollow" event that went down this weekend, which Gomez commented on and why the hell do I know all of this???) I actually really like me some Selena when it has to do with her acting and less her singing or personal life. Over the weekend, I watched her rasp through THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CARING and it reminded me of how strangely, quietly effective she can be when not asked to shake her ass or get trapped in Disneyesque shenanigans. I want to see more of that Gomez, the one who has the magnetism that pulls you in with a wide, doe-eyed stare.
Source: Pop Sugar


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