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Selena Gomez looks especially beautiful when she's a little tipsy

08.31.2015by: Droz

Oh boy, I've taken this walk of shame before. It's late night and you've maybe tossed back a little too greedily. Now you gotta make your way back to someone's car without putting your face and the pavement on intimate terms. Yeah, it's one of those early 20s rites of passage Selena Gomez seems to be working through on this night. Look at those glassy eyes. Tell tale signs of a night well spent. Unfortunately, I never had a friend to hold my hand and lead me to the car. Most of my friends were either too busy trying to get through their own mazes of drunkenness, or getting good laughs from mocking us and our inebriated states. I also never had to contend with crowds of paps eagerly trying to snap pics of me in my moment of deleterious handicap. One thing I will say for Selena here is that she looks pretty damn hot in that dress and quite beautiful. She might still have the face of an unnervingly young-looking girl, but it's a pretty face nonetheless. That and her newfound love for showing off her tits should serve her well in the years to come, provided she lays off the sauce.

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