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Selena Gomez just can't seem to stop showing off her boobs

08.18.2015by: Droz

There are times when looking around for the latest info about hotties we post makes me want to bang my head into a table until my skull cracks. One hottie who's "news" always seems to do that to me is Selena Gomez. It's not always by her doing that some of these so-called news stories get posted in various gossip places on the web, but they are often inane exercises in bullshit nonetheless. Lately it's various speculations about who's following Selena on Twitter now and how that might indicate whether they're ready to start banging each other or some bullshit like that. That stuff will drive you up a wall if you're not careful. Better to just focus on the important things when it comes to the hotties.

A perfect example is Selena's persistent fascination with showing off her tits, as demonstrated in these two moments below. The first is from the set of her new video for her forthcoming October album release. The second set of pics come from something called an "Indulgence Party" Selena attended along with all sorts of other Hollywood hotties. That sounds provocative, although I think it's just a bunch of women spending loads of cash on purses and lotions and whatnot. Oh well, Selena still looked hot. No matter how thick the cloud of celebrity gossip surrounding her gets, Selena always has that hotness going for her.

Source: NSFW


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