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Selena Gomez is adorably batty for UNICEF

03.30.2011by: Droz

There is something wrong with Selena Gomez in this spot for UNICEF celebrity tap water. This is clearly the effects of too much Disney brainwashing. Now she sees little birds everywhere and imagines herself in a ball gown all the time. This may even be the reason for her inexplicable relationship with the dark one. A girl in her state no doubt twists the horrid visage of Bieber into some kind of romantic knight in shining armor, come to save her. Her poor, deranged little mind is unable to recognize the terrible visage of the anti-Christ and his evil intentions to feed on her soul. Let's hope she can escape his clutches soon, lest she be transformed into his foul concubine.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else sort of turned on during the part with her pouring the water? No, just me? Okay.
Source: Popoholic
Tags: selena gomez


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