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Selena Gomez in a backless ruby red gown at the AMAs is perfection

11.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor
So much for all of the "fat" nonsense about Selena Gomez that was cooked up this past spring when she appeared heavier in an unflattering pink bikini while on vacation in Mexico. Gomez has explained since then that she was going through treatment for lupus at the start of the year and that her body hadn't been capable of the hardcore workout required to keep her in the underweight shape that our unrealistic beauty standards hold pop singers to. Since getting healthy Selena has been killing it on the stage and in her red carpet appearances, including last night's at the American Music Awards where she pulled out those colored contact lenses again (I don't know why but I think they look creepy on her) and donned a backless ruby red sparkling gown before slipping into a see-through two-piece number when she performed "Same Old Love." I'm thinking that 2016 might just be the year of Selena and I'm eager to see how she plays it out.
Source: E Online


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