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Selena Gomez hits the streets with some curvy, 70s, retro hotness

05.04.2015by: Droz

Selena Gomez hit the NYC streets, flashing back to the 70s in her period bell bottoms and leather jacket with the appropriate amount of fringe on it. Special thanks to the weather for getting a little warmer, prompting Selena to shed that jacket and give us a view of her braless tank top goodness. I appreciate that. Are people still giving Selena shit for her thicker body? Come on, now. You people really can't perceive any pleasures in that sexy little frame? Yeah, there's a little more to her now, but it's not like she's ballooning or anything. She just got more bounce to the ounce now. All the haters just need to go out and experience all the great stuff that comes with such a body. So much better than some boney thing with broomsticks for appendages and pelvis bones poking out. I'm a broken record on that topic, but I don't care. I'll continue to expound on the rewards of rounder physiques like Selena's, in the hope that everyone rediscovers what was common knowledge in years past. Don't ever change, girl.

Source: NSFW


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