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Selena Gomez gives Revival Tour attendees an eyeful of ass

07.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

Many things can drain every ounce of your energy after a long Fourth of July weekend. Prolonged exposure to the sun, in-laws and a shit ton of alcohol could leave you zombified for the next couple of days, recuperating on the inside while trying to stay awake on the outside. To help speed up the process, revive your senses with images of Selena Gomez's mesh covered ass cheeks hanging out of a 24 karat leotard. I can imagine just how overpriced the tickets are for the young Latinas 'Revival' tour but you can't say she's not giving her fans their money's worth. It's really you, the Internet scavengers, who are reaping the benefits. These photos may not offer the same resolution and dimensionality actually being there would, but, you didn't have to pay half a month's salary for nosebleed seats and you didn't have to endure three hours of tween pop "music" consisting of endless, auto tuned hooks. Two Tylenol and 10 minutes with these photos for maximum rejuvenation – you'll be ready to fire up the barbecue and get back to the beach faster than you can say, "Hand me another beer."

Source: lazy girls


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