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Selena Gomez gets wet while getting into the spirit of the season

06.02.2016by: Droz

I can't remember the last time I went frolicking through some sprinklers on a fun afternoon and then dried out in the sun with a Popsicle and some friends. Feels like a long damn time though. At some point such things just become silly. Either you become too old to see such things as fun, or the threat of skin cancer from all that sun exposure simply makes it not worth the risk. Now I just stay inside a dark room and watch Netflix. It's a bitch getting old. Better to be Selena Gomez's age, where you're still rubbery enough to pull off the summer sprinkler run, while also being old enough to make going braless in a loose-fitting sun dress a show in and of itself. Somehow nothing popped out of her loose-fitting sun dress, I'm sorry to say. But the sight of Selena and her perfectly smooth and flawless skin making out with her frosty friend will do in a pinch.

Source: NSFW


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