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Selena Gomez flies the friendly skies with her tight tummy showing

02.08.2017by: No Cool Handle

If the sight of Selena Gomez's bare belly doesn't get her comped a shit-ton of free frequent flyer miles nothing will. The 24-year-old hottie has abstained, lately, from playing the attention game, limiting her number of sexy public appearances to a frustrating minimum. Around eight or nine months ago, you couldn't surf the web without photos of Selena Gomez in her latest revealing outfit popping up. Oh, how I miss those days. Now, we're down to rare sightings, particularly those were Selena is seen out on the town with her new romantic interest, The Weekend. Once this fling has properly flung and we – the royal we – have moved past this fleeting novelty called celebrity dating, hopefully, Selena will return to reclaim the title of top attention seeking contender. As far as the here and now goes, some tasty tummy action will have to suffice.

Source: Popoholic


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