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Selena Gomez fills out a one-piece swimsuit very nicely

09.21.2015by: Droz

Selena Gomez got herself in a one-piece bathing suit while down Miami way this weekend. It's interesting how a one-piece bathing suit on the right body can accomplish feats of sexual intensity even to surpass bikinis. There's something about the way this thing Selena's got on rides up on her the hips and barely covers her crotch that just pushes all the right psychological buttons for me. Seeing Selena in this is yet another reminder of now nicely she has filled out in the last year or so. I'm hesitant to call that late blooming. She's been doing amazing things with beachwear for some time now. It seems as though by some alchemy she's managed to shift just the right amount of body fat to key areas of her body so as to maximize their sexual potential. I don't know how that happens. Some women are just gifted there. Probably best not to question it too much. Rather, just accept the wonders of Selena's bangable body and be happy with what you've found.

Source: NSFW


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