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Selena Gomez cleavage is back; this time in red leather

01.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

Last year (through the months of October and November), the Internet was saturated with Selena Gomez sexiness; that's a damn fine note for 2015 to end on – wouldn't you say? Then, this hot Latina went on a short hiatus; that's understandable considering how exhausting the day in day out regimen of squeezing into tight, revealing attire must've been. Now she's right back in the thick of it, donning this red leather dress that unzips in the front, all the way down the front! Yeah baby. She's also still experimenting with strategically placed cutouts, this time along the top of her thighs in the shape of odd, religious looking symbols. A short distance north of that is a fine view of her titty-tops, peering out of their constraints. Just like she ended 2015 with a bang, now, showing the same determination in kicking off 2016. Let's hope this kind of drive holds all the way through the new year.

Source: Got Celeblazy girl


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