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See why having a hot beverage with Bryana Holly is such a treat

07.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

Bryana Holly is so fine, one might have assumed her predestined climb to the upper echelon of supermodels would have been instantaneous... it wasn't. Slowly but surely, though, she's sharking her way up, with a legion of social media followers standing with their necks cocked back, looking up and watching her steadily-paced ascent. Add this 'Treats' photo shoot to the list of other stops made on the way to the hottie Pantheon. Perhaps it's more than just another mere stop. Is there enough flesh on display in this set to help her over that last hurdle? The obvious answer would be, yes. But she's put out hot spreads before, and, like a fire without enough kindling, they refused to spread. Why not just speed up this process by releasing some full frontals (she's already half naked in these pics, anyhow); that would be a real barn burner.

Source: Treats


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