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See how Charlotte McKinney's lively energy commands the room

01.08.2016by: Droz

Charlotte McKinney has herself a little spread in the February FHM, wherein the busty hottie once again makes the best use of the bounty nature granted her. It's commonplace to think of women who do what Charlotte does as airheads who just kind of follow their tits to wherever they may take them in life. I suspect Charlotte isn't quite that shallow. She seems to understand what her appeal is and isn't trying to make of herself anything more - not yet anyway. Based on what I've heard from her on this topic, Charlotte seems to be doing more than just following her tits around. Rather, she's actively pointing said tits toward the places she wants to go and then using them to push open the doors to those places. In that sense, "knockers" becomes a most suitable description for what she's got there.

Source: FHM


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