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Scarlett Johansson rocks that body on location for Rock That Body

08.19.2016by: Droz

It's kind of a shame how little reason we have to do any Scarlett Johansson posts anymore. She used to be a regular sight around here, but then she went became a wife and mother and pretty much lost most of her interest in being a frequently seen sex symbol. It also seems like some of the wind was taken from her sails after UNDER THE SKIN demonstrated how her once intoxicating curves had been somewhat exaggerated. But despite all that, I think most of us can still muster significant enthusiasm for what Scarlett has going on. Just check her out in NYC for her movie ROCK THAT BODY. Black Widow looks pretty good in that red number. I'm still not thrilled about the short hair, but at least she's fashioned it into something a little more feminine than the Flock of Seagulls thing she was doing before. All in all, it could be said this ScarJo isn't the same person we've come to know and love over the years. However, she is one I could potentially accept with a little more time and experience. Let's hope she grants us that in years to come.

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