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Scarlett Johansson pushes the boundaries of sideboob in Marie Claire

02.09.2017by: Droz

I've seen some people noting that Scarlett Johansson isn't wearing her wedding ring in this Marie Claire spread. Yeah, considering she and her so-to-be ex have been separated for months, that makes sense. I was kinda hoping said split would prompt her to return to her once regular schedule of sexy magazine spreads. Now that seems to be happening as she starts itching to get back into her career. I imagine provocative spreads featuring Scarlett will once again be a thing we can look forward to. I just hope she can lay off the douches now that she's single again. Girl has a knack for picking bad horses, Ryan Reynolds being one of the exceptions there. Too bad they couldn't make it work, if only for the possibility that their relationship might smooth things over sufficiently between Fox and Marvel to allow a DEADPOOL/AVENGERS cameo of some sort. Who wouldn't want to see Wade harassing The Hulk or hitting on Black Widow in some hilarious way in the midst of a raging battle?

Source: Marie Claire


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