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Scarlett Johansson looks hot while talking hot button issues in Cosmopolitan

04.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

I honestly never picked up an issue of Cosmopolitan, People Magazine or even Maxim with the intention of reading a single, printed word. I had but one agenda: to look at their featured hottie - I'm sure many who frequent this section act in the same manner. So, perhaps I was simply unaware that those interviews were a forum for sexy celebrity babes like Scarlett Johansson to let folks know where they stand on hot button political issues. I thought I'd be drooling over a world class set of tits (which I did; this photo set is pretty damn sexy) and learning some fun trivia about her latest collaboration with John Favreau: THE JUNGLE BOOK (which I didn't; you have to buy the magazine for the full interview and hope it's not all politically based conversation). F that. I'll stick with JoBlo for my movie info. I am excited to hear the voice work she did as the slithering serpent Kaa. Just so long as the cunning snake isn't lecturing Mowgli on political correctness when he asks: Why a is black man (Idris Elba) playing an orange tiger (Shere Khan)?

Source: Cosmopolitan


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