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Scarlett Johansson is back on the wagon - the ass kicking wagon, that is

We’ve got some stylishly sexy action from Scarlett Johansson on the set of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, looking fine and comfortable as ever on top of a motorcycle. I hope we get to see more Black Widow in this next CAP movie, but it’s starting to feel so crowded. Hell, it’s always been a crowded lineup. I’m missing the WINTER SOLDIER vibe, which was considerably more scaled-back. Perhaps I’m just sick of overblown and overstuffed “expanded universe” two and a half hour long trailers for the next movies. I liked AGE OF ULTRON a fair bit – mainly thanks to a Hulk, a Hawkeye, and a Spader – but I’d place WINTER SOLDIER above it in a heartbeat.

Ok so remember how at the end of IRON MAN 3 the title was spelled as IRON MAN THREE? Way cooler and fun and retro and all that. I’m just trying to wrap my head around Downey Jr. going for second on the billing block, so maybe they were like, “just like, go with it, and then when people see it and at the very end of the film when Tony stands above Cap after Tony’s just snapped Cap’s neck (spoiler alert lols) and it cuts to black and we get the real title of the movie – IRON MAN IV MOTHERF*CKER. But for publicity purposes we shall call it CAP’S TALE 3 or whatev”. Maybe that will happen! Maybe. But probably not.

ScarJo looks back in prime action here, and I’m excited to see where Miss Romanov is in her life now that her Hulk is gone and she’s got the new recruits to train (spoilers again I guess? Sorry you guys LOL). But, check out these bonus pics of her stand-in and/or stunt double (I can not confirm the identity of the person) but based on the tape on her boobs it would appear she’s some sort of a “Black Widow performer”. Anyway, I had to do a double take because DAMN she looks amazing. We’re never going to see her face close up on the big screen in this movie so the performer’s face doesn’t have to go toe-to-toe with the best in the business but we might have something here… Maybe instead of this TERMINATOR GENESIS: JUDGEMENT DAY COLLINS bullshit they should do up a Terminator where it’s ScarJo and her doppelganger and they’re just fighting all the time and pulling off crazy stunts and shit. Except ScarJo would need a stunt double, so there would need to be more ScarJo’s added to the mix. Then we’d start to create ScarJo paradoxes and like identity questions about which one is the real ScarJo and shit. And then things would get ugly.

Extra Tidbit: Hollywood should totally hmu about that idea 4 real
Source: Popoholic


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