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ScarJo Gets a Girl

05.20.2010by: Cherry Liquor

OK, so this has nothing to do with the picture that I just posted. In fact, I think that an image of Natalie Portman awkwardly planting a beso on Scarlett Johansson might not be the right message I want to send before conveying the message about babies.

For the record, no... Scarlett is not with child. But her mother recently did the Angelina thing (formerly known as the Mia Farrow thing) and adopted a new little sister for ScarJo from Ethiopia. The little girl, named Fenan (yay!), is about 20 months old and doing well. Scarlett already has an older half brother from her father's first marriage, a twin brother who worked for the Obama campaign and contributed to her blabbing about how she supposedly emailed the soon-to-be president all the time, and another older brother that her mom and dad had before they ended up separated and divorced.

So it's still babies, babies, babies in one way or another. Bleh. At least I can say that as much as I was disappointed by IRON MAN 2 as a whole, I for once really don't think that Scarlett did that bad of a job. She did fairly well as Black Widow, but I might be alone in thinking that.

Source: Us Weekly


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