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Say it ain't so, Sophie Turner

08.12.2016by: Droz

Sophie Turner Blonde

The latest developments taking place in the Sophie Turner camp began a couple weeks ago, when the Game Of Thrones star posted the above pic to her Instagram, accompanied by the caption "I've done something." Today comes the inevitable debut of Sophie as a blonde. That's...yeah. It's Sophie alright. I'm gonna go ahead and assume this is something she's doing for one of her upcoming projects, or just youthful indiscretion playing itself out for a bit and leave it at that. I'm not going to become worried or troubled by these developments. This is just Sophie having a little fun. Fair enough. She works hard, she deserves to let her hair down. That's a bad idiom, I shouldn't have used that one.

The funny part here is watching folks like Sophie stroll around a place like Venice Beach. People who may never have been there or come from far away places where they've romanticized the place, frequently get starry-eyed by what they find. Suddenly all these dodgy storefronts and street vendors take on a Turkish bazaar quality for them. Pieces of cheap plastic crap and marked up tourist fodder become like rare spices and delicate artifacts from an ancient civilization. Apparently even celebrities aren't immune to this self deception. I'll bet they took Sophie for a nice chunk of change on this day. Eh, she can afford it.

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