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Sarah Hyland should get a Teen Choice Award for her neckline

08.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

There were more attendees willing to wear provocative attire at this year's Teen Choice Awards then there was at the Cannes Film Festival. The kind of deep plunging neckline's worn by Sarah Hyland and Keke Palmer are what I expected to see from the crème de la crème of Hollywood hotties (there were some, but it was hardly to boob buffet you'd expect from an event like Cannes). Instead, it's the young up and comers who are quick to deliver the chesty goods. When speaking on Keke's equally brazen outfit, I asked if it was a bit too much for an event catered to family viewing. Pictures of Sarah Hyland 's boob cleft answer the question with a resounding, No. With these kind of red carpet displays, and Victoria Justice jokingly climbing all over John Cena, I guess people's views on what constitutes "too far" have evolved. Teenagers these days have it way better than those of earlier generations.

Source: Got Celeb


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