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Sarah Hyland rocks a very short dress for Teen Vogue event

10.07.2015by: No Cool Handle

Here's a bit of movie trivia for you: The lovely Sarah Hyland got her break by playing Howard Stern's daughter in his movie Private Parts. Fast forward to 2015, we find her here, in attendance to Teen Vogue's 13th annual Young Hollywood issue launch party – the invitations must of been massive to fit that long ass name. She came to play; sporting a dress with a low cut northern area and a high cut southern area. This allowed for a fine display of her tightly toned legs and attention grabbing cleavage. Speaking of toned: apparently this youthful star never met a tanning bed she could turn down. I can imagine her walking into some Hollywood-based tanning salon saying, "John Boener me!" This is the tone of skin usually reserved for orthodontists who just spent a four-day weekend playing 36 holes of golf – but I digress. She still looks very good here, and one can only hope she show some restraint before she ODs on ultraviolet rays. 

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