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Sarah Hyland is pretty in pink for Kindred Foundation Party

03.05.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Some people talk about how Sarah Hyland isn't all that pretty and doesn't have the talent it takes to go beyond a Lifetime movie type of career but I find her pretty and it's not easy doing a succinct job when it comes to comedy. Episode after episode of "Modern Family" has proven that Sarah has a grasp on delivering sarcastically funny lines, reminding me a bit of another underappreciated sitcom lady, Christina Applegate. Being Kelly Bundy made it a bitch for Applegate to be taken seriously for other roles but time and time again she's an awesomely funny lady. Hyland might end up having a career longer than most because she looks 16 at the age of 24 and movies and TV shows will always need a team player who can support others. At the Kindred Foundation party, Sarah cozied up to another young actress, Emma Roberts, and worked her neon pink dress on the red carpet. The Kindred Foundation holds annual fundraising events to help families who built through adoption get the services and support they need.
Source: Hollywood Life


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