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Sarah Hyland is a nimble little minx, isn't she?

06.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

You could say [that] a Black Swan reference in the headline would be more befitting of a ballerina themed photo shoot. But I went with a Ghostbusters reference cause that's the kind of guy I am. I can't wait for the day to come when some hottie shows up with a f**ked up, reto hairstyle so I can finally use: Aim for the flat top! My chosen quotation aside, this is a nice little collection of pleasantries Sarah Hyland, and the folks at Beauty Coach, provided us with. Nothing over the top, yet still, plenty sexy. We get some tasty views of this youngins' awesome legs - that alone makes this set worthy of your precious time - and some overly dramatized depictions of Sarah in an furious state. I wonder if the grace on display here is utilized in the bed chambers when the clock strikes sex; in my mind it does.

Source: Beauty Coach


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