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Sarah Harris' bikini bod and 138 water are sending the wrong message

09.25.2015by: No Cool Handle

That message is that all men are very easily manipulated. What makes me so angry, looking at these brow moistening photos, is not the fact that they are cynical dick heads using a stereotype as a philosophical approach to tout and sell a shit ton of their bathwater. It's that – if I'm being perfectly honest – they're actually on sound philosophical grounds here; just because it's cynical doesn't mean it's not absolutely true. They knew all they had to do was put there overpriced product in the corner of some photo next to the incredibly tasty Sarah Harris – resulting in no one ever forgetting 138 water ever again. That tight ass, tubular set of ta-tas and bottle of water are now one in the same snapshot frame in my memory. 

Damn this girl is banging! But I'm still going to refrain from ever even sampling this product based on principle. If you want to convert this consumer, then make your advertisement about the water itself. Let me know what sets it apart from every other drop of H2O on the planet. Show me a photo of an Eskimo shaman melting the top of his igloo with a hairdryer, blessing and bottling the liquidated results.

Source: Egotastic


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