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Sara Underwood keeping us stocked with fresh sexy photos

03.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

If only so many of life's necessities were as readily available as social media pictures of Sara Underwood's boobs, butt and other assorted goodies. She really is one of the most generous models working today, always keeping the Internet fully stocked with steamy photos – not only generous, she is extremely good at what she does. There's hardly a photo posted by her that doesn't have a huge impact on the libido; striking a nice balance between risqué and not-to-slutty, not holding back, but still showing most of the good stuff (especially that plump booty of hers in a variety of thongs, booty shorts and spandex). If only every hot honey in Hollywood would follow this former Playmates fine example so we don't have to spend long stretches waiting for them to release their next set of fleshy pics to drool over.

Source: Instagram


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