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Sara Underwood celebrating Valentine's Day a few weeks early

01.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

Get a good look at Instagram sensation, Sara Underwood, taking time off from her busy selfie schedule to create some fantasy imagery. She teamed up with Yandy Lingerie to better sell their Valentine Vixen collection; a wise business decision; a half baked execution. Maybe these are the first set in a series, but the lack of diversity in this particular set is noticeable. Not that there's no sexiness to be found - I wouldn't waste your time posting if there wasn't. There's enough leather and lace to kick start your perverted imagination into over drive. But when you have a woman who's notorious for showing every millimeter of her anatomy; there's no excuse for the missing, ass in thong, see through mesh, piece of the exploitation puzzle (side view doesn't count; we're talking fully committed). You're selling a fantasy, and nobody likes to be teased or limited in their fantasies - we have reality for that.

At least the videos gives us the good stuff.

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