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Sara Sampaio & Stella Maxwell have officially made December the new beach season

12.16.2015by: No Cool Handle

Last night during the fifth Republican debate, presidential hopeful Ted Cruz posed the question: Can sand glow? Yes. All you have to do is drop two sexy bombs named Sara Sampaio & Stella Maxwell onto the beaches of St. Bart's and watch the sparks fly. Victoria's Secret has been deploying their most decorated troops; storming, in full force, beaches around the globe to promote an unhealthy body image. Nothing weird about that right? Except it's December. You wouldn't know it from the current flood of bikini touting promotional photo shoots going on. This one in particular, is excellent; there is a ton of flesh on display and we get some great ass shots, crotch shots and a bundle of other sexy standards featuring these two gorgeous foot soldiers. The standout has to be Sara Sampaio; soaking wet and on all fours – just awesome.

Source: Egotastic


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