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Sara Sampaio's slender physique outshines a bright red ferrari

03.09.2017by: No Cool Handle

Have you ever wanted to see a finely crafted Portuguese body sprawled out on top of a finely crafted Italian body? Well, GQ Italy assumed you did, and I have a feeling their presumption is far from wrong. Witness a completely naked Sara Sampaio (albeit, implied nudity) bent over the hood of a quarter million dollar "big boy toy" – a bright red Ferrari. This is entry-level calculus at best: Guys go batshit crazy over naked Victoria's Secret Angels; guys go batshit crazy over the kind of car one needs to land a Victoria's Secret Angel; put the two buff bodies together and send dudes into a f**king frenzy. There's even one shot where both Sara and the photographer decided [that] the nip stays in the picture – obscured only by shadow, but still in the frame. Now all we need is the uncensored behind-the-scenes video and around 200 outtakes. I know they're holding out on us.

Source: GQ Italy


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