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Sara Sampaio offers her sexy services to GQ Mexico

09.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

I'll never falsely represent myself as the most positive person in the world. But it's hard to think of any one person or public figure who focuses on the negative more than Donald Trump – specifically, when speaking about Mexico and it's people. Sure they have their problems with crime and poverty (What country doesn't?); but why not take a break from the inflammatory rhetoric and say something complementary for a change? For instance: GQ Mexico and their gift for producing ridiculously sexy photoshoots, featuring hotties like Sara Sampaio – this is a must-see set of images. He also constantly aims his negativity at the subject of globalization, however, this is the kind of awesome shit you get when countries pool their resources. A Portuguese model, made famous by representing America's largest lingerie company (Victoria's Secret), looking sexy as f**k on the pages of a Mexican periodical, posted on the Internet for global consumption. Everybody wins!

Source: GQ Mexico


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