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Sara Sampaio doesn't bother with discretion in Victoria's Secret spread

12.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

Ah yes! I was wondering when Victoria's Secret was going to ramp up their winter season promotional material. And what better instrument to sell skimpy garments than Sara Sampaio's bare bottom? Ok, so there's a tiny piece of string running down the crack, but, come on! There's hardly an inch of flesh on that really nice rump obscured to the eye, which may have you spending more alone time with these images than initially thought. This slender minx creates photos that pack quite a punch, stacked neatly in a robust collection of sexy imagery, made up almost entirely of ass shots. That's what I like to see, especially when said booty is welded onto a hottie like Sara. Added to which, some nice depictions of her many other stellar attributes. Legs, boobs, midriff and a sexy gaze all add up to an image set as rounded out as her backside.

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