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Sara Sampaio aims to please in Maxim's May issue

04.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

Sara Sampaio is a hottie on a hot streak, one that doesn't appear to be going cold anytime soon. Over the past couple o' months, it seems a new spread featuring this Portuguese import, and Victoria's Secret Angel, is being released; each one more provocative than the next. Now, Maxim magazine saw fit to put this brunette bombshell on the cover of their May issue – good call, obvious ... but good. What photographer worth their salt wouldn't want to get her in front of the lens? Just one glance at the results from this shoot will cause even your tiniest pores to secrete sweat. Thank you Maxim for making sure to show as much skin as the top brass will allow for. With periodicals dedicated to exploitation dropping like flies, it's nice to know you're out there, keeping some skin in the game.

Source: Maxim


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