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Lace, silk and the body to flog it; Sara Sampaio is a Victoria's Secret All-Star

07.29.2015by: No Cool Handle

How do you become a Victoria's Secret model scout? You probably have a better chance of being hit by lightning while rolling around in a four leaf clover patch, but somewhere out there it is somebody's profession. They get up in the morning with the hope today will be a day I will discover the next skivvy sporting master. Imagine if you will, approaching a young lady like Sara Sampaio - whose beauty is like the kind you hear about in the fables of old - and say; "I'm here to offer you what no one else can." Your balls feel like concrete as you follow up the previous statement with; "I'm going to make you an object of lust for both men and women, and pay you vast sums of money to be so." I think you can imagine multiple scenarios as to what happens next.


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