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Sara Jean Underwood's tasty underboob for Hotel Ma Cherie

12.22.2015by: No Cool Handle

Here's a nice little companion piece to Sara Jean Underwood's previous set of photos from Hotel Ma Cherie. Those folks are really in the Christmas spirit, giving gifts like this to everyone who's drawn to a great set of perfectly perky tits – who isn't really? This is the second string of ridiculously hot photos of this former Playboy playmate in just two weeks. They're really rolling out the big guns for the end of the year and the world of the Internet is better for it. It's no wonder why this perfectly proportioned chica has over 2 million followers on Instagram, the only real wonders is why she doesn't have more. If you require a steady diet of top-notch exploitation keep a lookout for her. She's always more than game to dish out the good stuff she knows we all want, and no one has mastered the under boob quite like her. That combination of skill and generosity makes her even hotter.

Source: Hotel Ma Cherie


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