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Sara Jean Underwood's new website is a good pretense for more Instagram pics

08.23.2016by: Droz

Sara Jean Underwood just launched her own website, There you can go and look at some of her older pics, read a short bio and buy some $30 t-shirts or $100 skateboard decks with her fine ass pictures on them. Sounds a little pricey to me, but apparently the Sara fans are down for it if all the sold out banners can be believed. Me, I'm content to stick with her much more up to date and totally free Instagram page for satisfying all my SJU slobbering needs. She's still on this outdoorsy tip there, slowly releasing a seemingly endless series of pics featuring her and her fine ass enjoying nature.

Something hit me as I was gathering up more of her latest Instagram pics. It was the idea that Sara should see about licensing these out to the National Parks Service. Hey, what better way to sell the appeal of your local national park than SJU's fine ass set against majestic waterfalls and epic peaks? I know I can feel my love for nature increasing with every picture I look at in the gallery below. This is way better than some guy in an ugly brown uniform and a dumb hat talking about igneous rock formations. Sara's got the real motivation for people to go out and enjoy their national parks.


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